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Friday, November 22, 2013

Annual IAAPA Attractions Expo 2013; The Largest Expo In 10 Years

IAAPA Attractions Expo Is Largest In The World

Kristina and Denise
Hot On The Trail Of A New Golf Game
for the $24 billion attractions industry where the latest amusement rides, inflatable products and attraction innovations are showcased and Fun Is The Name Of The Game. It's an opportunity for the people that 'bring us the fun' to gather and learn what's new in the world of attractions and then to learn new the strategies to make the fun irresistible when they come home and share it with us.
However, from what this blogger has seen our Portland PartyWorks crew and the 26,000 plus attendees couldn't resist the fun either. But who could blame them with over 1000 companies exhibiting new innovations and products in more than 135 product categories.

Zip Line...Here We Are!!
This year the group that attended IAAPA included Mike and Denise Fazzolari, Kristina Gentle and Roy Williams.They all had their own ideas on the best activity to bring home but the adventurous group agreed on what they wanted to do while they were there -ZIP-LINE!.  There were several companies at the show with this hot ticket item for sale. They generated a lot of buzz as they were demonstrated the safety of their  Zip Line high above show.

Check out the video of Kristina and Denise taking a term.

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