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Monday, October 29, 2012

Annual Halloween Extravaganza

Greater Portland Bible Church

Halloween Night - October 31, 2012

2374 SW Vermont Street

 Portland, Or. 97219

Annual Halloween Extravaganza

We could call it a carnival but that name doesn't fully embody the total awesomeness of this annual event. 

Giant inflatables that reach to the ceiling!
Free games and prizes at every turn!
More candy than your stomach can handle in one night!

It’s no wonder kids ask to come to the Extravaganza rather than go trick-or-treating. Parents love it because it’s warm, free, and safe for their children to enjoy. 
This event runs from 6 pm-8 pm.

To help their big "To Do" they are accepting donated bottled water , single serving bags of chips, juice boxes or candy. You can even volunteer your services and help with security for the children, working a carnival booth , serving popcorn, cotton candy or pronto pups to their guests. 

Sign-ups will begin in October in the lobby on Sunday's or e-mail Diane Dodge @email Diane if you have questions. All people are invited.

for more pictures visit:

Friday, October 5, 2012

Children's Party Locations

Inside Candyland

Inflatable Home Party VS Inflatable Facility Party

If you have ever thought about renting an inflatable game for a child's party, chances are you have come across one of the indoor inflatable arenas that have recently popped up.
Why choose an Inflatable Home Party over going to a Arena?

  1. You choose location. You control what setting you would like to have for your party. At home, at a favorite park, at a community center, at a friend or relatives home. Home is a safe environment to have fun, especially for younger children where the loud noise and bustling activity isn't overwhelming.
  2. You choose food, beverage and snacks. You control what your children eat. Many times children's party facilities offer just pizza and a non-juice artificial drink.Many times over-priced cake and sweet drinks end up untouched or spilled in the commotion of an arena and the limited time at the table.
  3. You choose the time and date. You control how long you want the party to last. 2 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours, the price is the same. You control the date. No date restrictions. Equipment is available anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are inviting families this can be a more cost-effective approach that allows siblings and parents to be included without breaking the bank.
  4. You choose your budget. You control how much to spend on equipment  food, goody bags, extras, decorations. Children's party facilities usually have pre-made packages you have to adhere to.  A home party allows grandma to bring the cupcakes and dad to showoff his Bar-B-Que talent.
  5. You choose the size of the party. You have total control on the amount of people to invite. Whether it is 10 or 100, if you have the space, you decide. If you have people RSVP at the last minute, there's room for them. Facilities have minimums and maximums- some as low as 25 guests. They need a head count in advance and may not allow changes close to the party date.
  6. Last minute party? You have options! Book the day before your event if you need to. There will always be something available that you and your guests will love. Facilities are many times booked well in advance.
  7. Privacy. You control the privacy of your party. You decide who attends. Facilities may have more than one party at a time or have open play time when your party is scheduled. This can be really stressful on you trying to keep track of everyone and your guests as they run around looking for each other.
  8. Bonus: At home you control the pace and focus of the party. Your little birthday girl (or boy)won't get left behind as her guests run off without her in the noisy arena. If you have ever seen this happen it's heart breaking.

Kids Inflatables and Bounce Houses 

The choice is yours. Choosing Portland PartyWorks is choosing options, value, service and most of all FUN!!!