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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Last Man Standing Or as we call it: WIPE OUT


WIPE OUT --- This wildly popular game game can be found by many names and shows up at Corporate Picnics, Back-To School Fundraisers and All-Night Grad parties. Loosely modeled after the television show, you may know it by another name such as Last Man Standing, Melt Down, Minesweeper or Demolition, just to name a few. The actual game layout might vary slightly but all of these Extreme Interactive Games have the same goal. Knock your opponents off their peg and don't fall off yours.

Even if you fall off you are only landing on the large, soft inflatable floor. Rising up from the floor are 6 inflatable pegs for players to balance on. Play in teams, every man for himself or by yourself. The swinging arm rotates in both directions sometimes faster and sometimes slower and the longer the game goes on, the harder the competition becomes, as it changes direction and speeds up.. Event Staff  can control the game from a control panel making this activity easily adaptable to the size, age and agility of your attendees. The whole game is filled with air in minutes and is very easy to set up and tear down.

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