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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Corporate Parties; Not Just For Employees

Don't Forget The Employees Guest When Planning Your Company Party.

We've all been there, the dreaded annual company party where you are 'NOT' the employee. You don't know anyone, your not even sure you want to know anyone. But you know for sure your role is going to include alot of sitting alone and shaking hands with the same people that didn't remember you last year. 

As the employee you know you're gonna owe 'big time' and the ride home is gonna be quiet even if you had a good time.

The days are gone by where it was mostly the wife as guest but 'Times They Are A Changing' and this no longer hold true. So what can you do as the event planner to Avoid the 'Wall Flower-Stuck In the Corner-Watching the Watch Guest? 

Here are a few tips to help break the ice among the non employees, make sure they aren't just there as Eye-Candy and increase attendance in following years because your employees and their guests actually look forward to this event.

Casino Night
Here are a few ideas for a new twist to the holiday gathering:

  • Name Tags Twist: They can be tacky but if you make a game out of it, it can be a great way to get everyone to wear one. Add a sticker randomly to some of the guests name tags. Award a small gift, or extra drink ticket or entrance to a drawing.
  • Short Quiz: Have a quiz at each table with questions about the employees and their guests. (This will require a little advance sleuth work on your part). The Table that completes the quiz first and most correctly gets A) Served first; B) First through the buffet, C) An Ornament, D) Whatever fits your budget
  • Virtual Vegas Theme:  Create a 'with play money to use at casino games. 
  • Sign In Book: Include a guest sign in book.
  • Hypnotist: Or other group attraction
  • Have a Silent Action
Last Resort
  • A lot of employers are making the cost-saving decision to switch the event to a employee-only lunch. The pressure is off, but so is the glamour and chance to put on your sequins and add a little glamour to the holiday season.

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