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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Inpromptu New Year's Day Party Ideas

Oh No, I Invited Everyone Over For New Year's Day Buffet! 

It sounded like such a great idea last night.
Slapping together food, drinks and party games doesn’t get more last-minute than this — but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull off a great time for you and your friends.

“OK, so, Courtney Givens, owner of Simple Pleasures Events in Vancouver, said with a determined chuckle. “First thing you want to do is consider your guest list, because that will dictate everything else.

Knowing how many people — and what sorts of friends — are planning to attend can determine the type of food, music, games and festivities you put together.

Decorations for a last-minute party are simple. Your Christmas lights, and a warm fire may be all you need.You also want to plan about three or four hours of music without repeating songs. Don't forget this is a big day for football so even if its on silent, you know who's coming and if they are big sports fans some will appreciate your attention to this detail. This can be especially entertaining if your guests are routing for opposing teams. A great time for a impromptu friendly bet on the winner. (The losers can do the dishes)
A big fan of party games, Kristina Kuntz, owner of Niella’s Special Events, recently planned a party with a different game in each room of the house. Games that provide information about guests are especially great as ice-breakers, she said.“One game, you have people say two truths and one lie about what they did over the past year,” Kuntz said. “You put those up on the wall someplace and have people guess which is which.”
Givens also likes social games. In one, she makes everyone anonymously fill out a card that lists things they want to achieve in the new year. She then shuffles them and hands them back out, and people have to guess who wrote their card. But games should be optional on this low-key day.
Drinks for your party can be as simply as coffee, tea, juice, and water. For an adult party champagne and beer are optional and if you feel like sprucing up things a Champagne Mimosa with a strawberry can add pop. If you have a signature drink, or you make a mean Bloody Mary, now is the time to show off your bartending skills.
As for food, you mostly want things that can stay out on a table for several hours.No one expects a Sunday Brunch at the last minute so don't stress the small stuff. A basic doughnuts and coffee works especially after a late New Year's Eve. If you asked others to bring a dish be sure to have extra serving utensils and trays on hand.

Most important of all, though? Remember to enjoy yourself. “To be a good hostess you need to have a good time, too,” Givens said. “Sometimes last-minute parties are the best parties. There’s no time to really plan, so you just go with it.”
And heck, you might even get bragging rights.

The inspiration and some of the ideas came from an article in the Columbian. Here is the link if you would like to read the whole thing:


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