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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hippity Hop Horses

If your Company Picnic is the same 3-Legged Race and Balloon Toss here are a couple of ideas to put the "HOP N' POP' back in your event. 
Hippity Hop Horses

Relay Races Replaced
-These Hippity Hop Horses are fun for all ages and are a hilarious alternative to standard relay races. Design a custom course to fit your event space. If you are at a school the track is already there for you. This race can also be performed with huge cowboy hats on..be sure to have the video camera handy!
"Hi Kristina, Our event was a great success....we enjoyed working with Portland PartyWorks. The kids loved the Fun Derby...Thanks so much for your help. I will be sure to pass on recommendations for this company!"
Best Regards,
Christie Ranslow
Twality PSO/ WinterFest Chair

Rubber Ducky Race

-If your picnic area has a creek running through it here then your in luck. One of my all-time favorite games is the Rubber Ducky Race. Set up a table with colored Sharpies, and glue and construction paper. Then let everyone decorate their own ducks. At a specific time launch the ducks and follow them down the creek. Kids love decorating their duck and watching them drift down the stream. Prizes are secondary to this event as everyone gets to take their duck home. (I still have mine.)
Pot-Luck Planning
Perfect Picnic Planning
-If budget is an issue this year (isn't it always?) Consider this twist on the Pot-Luck. The company can provide the main course and dessert. Let your employees show off their culinary skills and bring their signature dish. 

-When you are planning your company picnic planners be sure to consider the personality of the company. Don't be afraid to take a poll of your employees to see what they want. After all, the party is for them.

I Need Help
-If you are looking to create a fabulous picnic that will be remembered long after the last hot dog is gone, Give us a call.  Exciting themes, interactive games, fun music, full service food and great family friendly service will make your event amazing.  PLUS you can sit back and enjoy the event too!


  1. It's amazing what kind of amusement people of all ages will get out of the Hippity Hop Horses. Some people will not see the fun of these just by looking at a picture, but I promise that if you go to a party that has these, people of all ages will be laughing and have smiles on their faces.

  2. Those Hippity Hop Horses would be for a great team building event for any corporation or company.