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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Inflatables Frequently Asked Questions

Giant Slide Set Up Time & Other Questions Answered
Are you thinking about adding Inflatable Activities to your event, but not sure of the logistics? Giant Slides and other Inflatable Bounce Houses and Moon Walks often require very little set-up time.Below are some answers to our most frequently asked questions and a bonus video that shows our Giant Slide Inflate in under 4 minutes.
Giant Slide
How long does it take to set up an Inflatable Slide?
Our Giant Slide will set up in about 20 minutes, but each Inflatable is a little different. 
What kind of power do I need?
One 20v/ 20 amp power source is required for most of the bounce houses. More extreme items may require additional power.
How much space is required?
Our catalog and our website indicates the space needed for each activity.
Can I set up a Bounce House inside?
Many of the smaller bounce houses can be used inside or out so weather won't interfere with your party.
Can I Pick-Up My Own Rental?
Sometimes.  We offer many of our MoonWalks, Carnival Items, Games, Concessions and more on a Will Call Basis. However, the larger activities can often be very heavy and may require delivery. Here is the list of our Will-Call Options.
How Many Hours Are Included In A Rental?
Our Will-Call Option allows you to pick up your rental on the day of your event at 9am. Return it to us 24 hours later by 10am.
Do You Deliver?
Yes, PartyWorks has a large fleet of company owned and insured vehicles. Delivery is determined by the zip code of the event location. Just tell us where you need us and we’ll be there anywhere in Oregon or Washington.
Do You Provide Staffing?
Yes! PartyWorks is proud to offer experienced staffing to handle your event. Most of our entertainment equipment is priced including at least one staff person. At the time of reservation we will discuss your staffing needs and the options available.
Does PartyWorks Carry Insurance?
We carry full insurance coverage. Our professional liability insurance covers all of our events and for additional peace of mind, we can add any organization or company as an additional insured on to our policy for their event. 
How can I know if I am getting the Best Price?
We compare (apples to apples) and provide you with our Best Price Guarantee. Don’t be fooled by cheaper rates that have a whole group of attached costs when all is said and done. At PartyWorks we provide you with straight forward pricing that includes staffing on most of our items.
Watch our YouTube video and see our giant slide start our on the ground and completely inflate in under five minutes.


  1. That slide is a monster and I'm sure it is a ton of fun. 20 minutes to set up this huge slide is quick. I would imagine that letting a renter set it up should take longer, but it at least gives the renter more flexibility on when the slide is set up.

  2. I agree, that slide is a beast and looks like a lot of fun. Great videos also.