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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2013 New Interactives Arrive For Your Renting Pleasure!

  They are finally here! 

Are you ready to have some serious fun!

Portland PartyWorks Unveils 2013's New Attractions.

This year our dauntless PartyWorks trio (also known as Mike, Roy and Kristina) came home from their annual New Game Hunt with some really heart-stopping events that are already in hot demand. The 3 of them search through thousands of water slides,  mechanical bulls and bounce houses looking for fun to bring back home to us. Its a tough job, and on behalf of thrill seekers everywhere we thank you for your tireless commitment to your task.

International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA)

For our new PartyWorks friends let me share a little insight about the annual trek to IAAPA. Each January these fearless 3  brave the hot and humid climate of Florida in January to attend a trade show full of amusement park attractions and other fun games to add to their already massive list of attractions. Their relentless hunt for new, and unique, and bigger, and better, and faster, and higher is on behalf of all us, the thrill-seekers in Oregon. 
Clackamas, Oregon., MegaWire, Wild West Shoot OUt, Portland PartyWorks
But this year they outdid themselves. 
So now that Mike is back in his office dreaming up the next Gyroscope and Roy is done making room in the warehouse, and Kristina has skillfully managed the shipment to their new home in Clackamas they are finally here. If you are looking for that perfect, never-before-enjoyed perfect show stopping event...



Below are the 2013 New Products For Portland PartyWorks. Give us a call if you need more information. That's why we are here, to help you make your event unforgettable

A fresh twist on the time-honored dunk tank. The dunkee can try and block the balls before they hit the target. If a ball happens to make it past the blocker and hits a target, a refreshing bucket of water dumps from above on the player,
Easily transported, the game runs off of a standard garden hose water supply, and a 12V rechargeable



 Our basic station comes with three vibrating foot massage's (don't worry - you can leave your shoes on!) like you see at various locations around town.  Add our hand held back and shoulder massager or even a real life masseuse with an upright back chair for even more relief. 

Don't get zapped on this game. This is the grown-up version of the spinning corkscrew game, remember that one? You had to maneuver around it all the way to the bottom to win.. In this game, the player holds the loop in one hand and attempts to guide it along the curved wire without touching the loop to the wire. When the loop and the wire touch, a alarm signaling that the game has been lost. A lot harder than it looks. You and an opponent can race to the middle by grasping a wand and maneuvering through the zig-zags all while "trying" not to get zzzzz'inged!  Or play solo if you think you can make it from beginning to end. 

Perfect at any carnival or company picnic.  It's great for all ages!  Laser and suction gun options available to meet each clients needs.

Designed with the High Flyers in mind AND the custom needs of youngsters this interactive has different rope systems so everyone can get a taste of flying. This Quad Jumper can also be tailored to you custom means. It can be customized to match your event or team colors.

If you are curious about the line-up from past shows pop over to our New Attractions Page.

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