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Monday, April 22, 2013

Inflatables Set Up & Tear Down Instructions



-Unroll inflatable on a flat and level area (preferably grass). 
-Secure chute to blower. 
-Close all Velcro & Zipper Vents – Tie off remaining Chutes 
-Plug into electrical outlet capable of drawing 20 amps, within 75 feet. 
-Secure unit to the ground with stakes. 
-Blower shall remain plugged in at all times during operation. 
-Make sure all people are clear of unit inside and out. 
-DO NOT allow jumping, rolling, or other activities while deflating unit. 
-Deflate unit by unplugging and detaching blower. 
-Open/unzip all vents and chutes 
-Let the unit deflate by itself for approximately 10-15 minutes. 
-Proceed to roll up in the same way you unrolled it
-No more than five (5) children at a time on 15’x15’ units. 
-Group the same size children together in the unit. 
-Adult supervision is required at all times. 
-Do not put blower near water or other liquids. 
-No sleeping in unit. 
-Do not leave inflatable uncovered overnight. 
-Do not use Silly String, or other items that may damage the unit. 
 *Additional cleaning fees will be assessed if the unit is returned wet, 
muddy, with Silly String, or other damage beyond normal wear and tear. 
-No Shoes 
-Socks are required 
-No horseplay or roughhousing 
-Walk or crawl in and out of the unit; do not jump off 
-Max. Weight is 100 lbs. per child on small units 
-Small bounce units (15’ X 15’) are not suitable for teens or adults 
-Small bounce units can be transported in an SUV, pick up, mini van or station wagon with an empty cargo area. Mini vans and station wagons will need to have all rear seats folded or removed. Larger units require a truck. 
-Refer to your Sales and Rental Agreement for exact pickup and return times. Should you be unable to meet the scheduled times, we require 24 hours notice. Failure to pick up or return the unit at times designated on your Sales and Rental Agreement will result in additional charges (See Sales and Rental Agreement). 
-All deposits are non-refundable from the time you reserve and your order is processed (see Contract Terms and Important Information). We require 24 hours notice for rescheduling and/or cancellation. Upon cancellation, all deposits paid will stay on file as a credit for a future rental for up to 12 months.
Release Statement
The undersigned agrees to hold Portland PartyWorks, Inc. harmless and indemnifies, their employees, suppliers, manufacturers, agents, assignees and sub-contractors for any and all injuries. I further understand and acknowledge that I am responsible for any and all damage to this inflatable beyond normal wear and tear. I have read and clearly understand all of the above rules and release statement and agree to abide by them. 

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