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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy Valley Park 4th of July Celebration 2013

Portland PartyWorks brought the fun on 4th of July, Happy Valley

That interactive fun included:
  • Whirly Bird
  • Wipe Out,
  • Dinosaur Park,
  • Rock  Wall,
  • Gladiator Joust,
  • Junior Roller Coaster,
  • Mechanical Bull
  • Amazing Giant Slide
Along with our inflatable fun we sent our Event Staff. That following Monday PartyWorks owner Mike Fazzolari received the following email. It reminded us that an event's success or failure is often judged by the caliber of service and no one takes customer service more seriously than we do.
"I have never heard of Partyworks before visiting Happy Valley Park on the 4th of July. I didn't have any children with me so did not have an opportunity to use any of the great equipment you had there for kids. I rarely write notes to companies to complain or praise but really wanted to write this one.I sat on the grass for a couple of hours waiting for the fireworks. We had a great view of the Wipe Out Last Man Standing. We watched the never ending line of children climb up onto the pedestals and jump over the swinging arm. They were having a wonderful time and I was wishing I was a kid so I could do it! That is not the reason for my note.The man that was in charge of that ride was fantastic. He made sure that each child heard and understood the rules. If they started to put their heads up after being knocked down, he quickly reminded them to keep them down. He was watchful and very aware at all times. He was very enthusiastic for the winner every single time, clapping etc. Even though he must have done the exact same thing hundreds of time, it was as if it was his first. I was very impressed. He was the kind of employee that every employer would want to have represent his company. I just thought you should know.
Also, would love to know if you will be at any public events in the Portland area this summer. Would love to bring the kids!"  Sincerely,  Barb Sternberg
We our proud of our entire event staff and wanted to share this with you and thank all of our staff that makes Portland PartyWorks the success it is today.

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