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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bounce House F.A.Q.'s and Set Up Rules

Bounce House F.A.Q.

How long can we rent an Inflatable Bouncy?
A standard rental period is 24 hours.
Can bounce houses be used when it rains?
NO. No Inflatable should be used in rain or wet weather.
What kind of surface can a bounce house be set up on?
The area should be flat, level and clear of debris. The best surface is grass.
Overhead it should be clear of power lines, trees and branches.
What kind of electrical power do we need?
We supply you with a blower to inflate the bounce house.
You will need an electrical outlet capable of drawing 15 amps within 100 Feet.
Do not put blower near water or other liquids.
Can we turn off the blower once it is blown up?
No, the blower must be left on at all times while children are inside.
How many children at a time can be in the bounce house?
No More Than Five (5) children at a time.
Group children of the same size together in the unit.
Maximum weight limit is 100 lbs. per child.
How long can children remain inside a bounce house?
Limit jump time to three (3) to five (5) minutes. This is especially important for younger children to avoid over becoming overtired.
Can shoes be worn inside the bouncy?
No, socks are required to be worn.
How do you get in and out?
Walk or crawl in and out of unit – do not jump off.
Can we leave the children alone?
Adult supervision is required at all times.
What are the rules for jumping?
No horseplay or rough housing.
No jumping or climbing on or over sides.
No silly string, food, drink, crayons or markers inside the bouncy.
How long can we rent an Inflatable bouncy?
A standard rental period is 24 hours.
Do not leave inflatable uncovered overnight.
Can our dog use the bounce house?
No, all pets should be kept away from the bouncy.

How Do You Set Up A Bounce House?
Step One: Unroll the inflatable on a flat, level area.
Step Two: Secure chute to blower with rope, twine or bungee cord.
Step Three: Plug into electrical outlet capable of drawing 15 amps.
Step Four: Secure unit to the ground or tree, stake or post with rope tied to tabs.
Step Five: Blower shall remain plugged in at all times during operation.

Take Down Instructions:
Step One: Make sure all people are clear of the unit both inside and out.
Do not allow jumping, rolling or other activities on the deflating unit.
Step Two: Deflate unit by unplugging and detaching blower.
Step Three: Let the unit deflate by itself for approximately 10-15 minutes.
Step Four: Proceed to roll up the unit in the same way you unrolled it.

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